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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Title: Singer
Author: Jean Thesman
Release date: 2005
Rating: 3½ of 5
Publisher: Penguin Group
Book Summary:
For years, Gwenore's mother, the witch Rhiamon, has abused and ignored her. Then Gwenore learns that she has secret allies—her nursemaid and a mysterious enchanter-priest. They help her escape, first to an abbey, then to the women's community of Blessingwood, and finally to the otherworldly Lir, where she serves as nursemaid to the king's four children. No matter where she goes, the young fugitive, now called Mary Singer, is pursued by Rhiamon—but she is also learning about her own magical powers. When she learns that Rhiamon has married King Lir, she is ready. Singer knows that her mother will try to kill the children. Now she must save their lives . . . and her own.

I really like the story. It's got a great plot, it's mysterious and it has magic that doesn't over power the MC.

It's the story of a girl who ran away from home in order to escape her witch of a mother (in both meanings of the word). She is lead away from all she's know and stays with the Blessingwood women where there they work on changing her appearance...and her name.

The story goes on with the mystery, the magic and the discovering of new talents and powers. The characters were pretty strong. The built a good core for the plot to circle around and they had very good backgrounds that later came into play.

The only thing that I didn't like that gave it it's 3½ is the ending. I didn't think the ending was very good at all.


The poor girl has been through Hell and back and she still looses the one she loves. Really? I felt so depressed after that I was just in shock. And it happened so quickly too... She ends up leaving a having a somewhat "Happily Ever After" I guess.



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