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Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm choosing to Speak Loudly

It took me a long time to really think this through. I don't really know how to start something so controversial as this.

Yes, I'm only a teen, but I understand.

This guy-Mr. Scroggins-is on my Crap List. 'Speak' is a great book in teaching you that you should say something, not keep it hidden. He wants to ban it? If you don't want your children reading it, fine, don't let them. There are a lot of parents who allow their children to read these books because of the meaning that is hidden under them.

My one question Mr. Scroggins, in your article you said quote
Equally shocking is the content of the high school English classes. In high school English classes, children are required to read and view material that should be classified as soft pornography.
Since when was rape considered pornography? Pornography is meant for arousement, right? How can you EVER consider rape that?

We are already hearing all of this stuff about rape and cussing on the news, on T.V. What's next? Are television shows going to be banned now too just because of their content?

Censorship is stupid and wrong. What's the point of it if we're going to hear it in our everday lives? If you censor things like this now, how do you think someone is going to react when faced with it in life?

Mr. Scroggins, I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I hope you know, your opinion is saying "to shup up and keep quiet."

Now, Slaughterhouse Five has been removed and even Twenty Boy Summer is under review. Watch, now after this Speak and many books like it may be removed from school libraries.

You can choose to stop this from happening. You can choose to help stop this man from taking away so many books that may be inspiring to students, parents, teachers ANYONE. Even Laurie Halse Anderson wrote about this on her blog.
  1. Leave a comment on Scroggin's Post
  2. Blog about this and send it on
  3. Follow the hastag #SpeakLoudly on Twitter
There are ways we can stop censorship, but we need everyone to unite and fight for it. Anyone with me? Leave your comments with your thoughts and if you've spread the word. We need to stop this guy from impacting what we read.

Thank you all who join in to Speak Loudly. To speak in one voice.



  1. Wow that guy is an idiot. It's like he's not capable of critically thinking about a book, or anything else, really.

  2. Great post. You make a lot of really good points. It is so upsetting that he's sending this horrible message to victims of rape who are afraid to speak up. This degree of ignorance is revolting. Thank you for having the courage to Speak Loudly!

  3. With people like this guy, the evil is in their mind, not the books they want to ban. A distorted mind distorts everything it sees.

    I wonder how such people will see my novel, 'Lethal Inheritance'.

  4. When I was growing up, my dad made a point of drawing up a list of banned (for one reason or another) books, and then we would read them and discuss them. I have to say that being exposed to so-called 'dangerous ideas' then made me a more open-minded person now, and as a responsible young adult now, I don't think I was hurt at all by my 'exposure'. If anything, it has made me a better person.


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