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Friday, July 30, 2010

Wish I was in a YA book.

I was on twitter and there was a conversation going on between two people I follow. That sometimes boys outside of books can be really awkward and that YA guys are much better.

I can agree.

Some awesome reasons why YA guys are awesome.
  1. They will risk their lives just to tell you they love you. What other guy would do that?
  2. They'll listen to your problem and help fix it.
  3. They bake cakes! (Hint, hint at Peeta) :DD
  4. They say I Love You and ALWAYS mean it.
  5. Sometimes they even turn their backs on everything they know in order to be with you.
  6. They're mysterious and sometimes have that really cute "bad boy" image.
  7. They can save the world :D Normal guys can't even save you from falling on your butt in an ice rink.


  1. I love literary crushes! My husband just doesn't get how I can love the characters so much. I agree with you too!

  2. So true. They just love you with everything they have...ahhhh
    and as for better get the girl :-))

  3. Hahahaa I love this post :) Hilarious, and I agree with everything you said! Literary crushes...people just don't get it... :)


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