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Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Life Of A Teenager In YA

Hi, my name is Ari and I was invited to do a guest post! I love this blog so I am enjoying this :)

So, Ive decided to inform you wonderful people about how the life of a teenager in YA differs from that of a real teenager.

Teenage Pregnancy-It seems to me a lot of writes (cough cough STEPHENIE MEYER) feel that a teenage girl will get pregnant after her first time. Which is actually, depressing because a lot of them are already parents. Now, I know Im only a 14 year old girl, but Ive taken enough sex ed classes to know that teenage pregnancies dont occur during your first time. 

A good book that involves teenage pregnancy, and shows it in a real way is JUMPING OFF SWINGS by Jo Knowles. It also shows why a lot of teenage girls have sex and why they make decisions that can cause regrets.

First Love-Okay lets face it, most teens dont stay with their first love forever. I know there are a few select stories based off of real life experiences where their first love lasts. But lets face it. As teens we are impatient. We cant last with one person forever. Theres always  those firsts, but most of them hardly ever mean much.

The Mean Cheerleader-Lets face it, cheerleaders really arent that mean. In fact most of them are just air heads who travel in packs. 

Drama-Lets face it, we all have a little drama in our lives. But not as much as YA has piling up on what is supposed to be the average, invisible girl. For me (average invisible girl) drama is just struggling to keep up with classes. Maybe the occasional fight. But thats it. 

Falling In Love With Your Best Guy Friend- EEEWW GROSS!!! NASTY!!!! My guy friends are EXACTLY that. GUY FRIENDS. Blah. I cant even think of *shivers in disgust* ill leave it there.

So those are most of my complaints about what YA does that doesnt really match the real world. Any that you guys know of???

Thanks for having me here today!!!



  1. Oh TRUST ME, drama in YA is not that different than in real life.

    At least in my opinion. You might think i'm being overdramatic but even ask Faith. She's seen a bit of the drama that goes on.

    As if the other stuff, you're right.

    Also, usually the mean ones AREN'T cheerleaders cuz they think they're too cool for it.

    And as for falling for your best guy friend? I've had a few friends that have!

  2. Haha, I agree with you Harmony about the drama :D

    Thanks for the post Ari! It was really good. xD

    I've actually fallen for my best guy friend before. :D


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