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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Hunger Games Dating Show!

M.A.Chase(Hostess): Welcome one and all the The Hunger Games Dating Show. We have Katniss with a few questions in her hand and our two bachelors. Their voices have been disguised, so our wonderful Katniss will not recognize them.

Katniss: Bachelor Number 1, how would you surprise me on my birthday?

B1: I would bake a cake of your favorite flavor and I would ice your name on top.

Katniss: Bachelor Number 2, what would be your idea of a good date?

B2: I don't know. Maybe some hunting here and there, then have dinner.

Katniss: Bachelor Number 1, if you were any item of food what would you be and why?

B1: I would be PEETA bread. Just 'cause PEETA bread tastes good. *smile*

Katniss: Bachelor Number 2, if you could be an animal which would you be and why?

B2: You know I think I would be a tiger, just 'cause tigers are good hunters.

Katniss: Bachelor Number 1, what would be your idea of a good FIRST date?

B1: Maybe go for a moonlit walk through District 12 and maybe even stop by the bakery. I hear they have good PEETA bread.

Katniss: Bachelor Number 2, if I'm late for something because I'm sleeping how would you wake me up?

B2: I would put on some music and gently shake you awake.

M.A.Chase(hostess): Okay, have you chosen your bachelor?

Katniss: Yes, I choose--

M.A.Chase(hostess): Oh! That's all the time we have folks! See you soon on the Hunger Games Dating Show!

My Questions to you the viewers!
  1. Who would you choose Bachelor Number 1 or Bachelor Number 2?
  2. Can you tell which Bachelor is which? (You should cause I made it KINDA obvious :D)


  1. HEHE....sooo funny! I of course would pick bachelor number 1 because I love PEETA bread!

  2. LOL!
    I'm down for some PEETA bread!!

  3. Hahah good one. PEETA bread. I would choose B1!!!!


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