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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hunger Games Animal List

Time to list and write about all the mutations in the Hunger Games.

  • Jabberjays - mutated birds used by the Capitol to 'record' and bring back full human conversations that the rebels had. When they rebels discovered these tools they sent false information back to the Capitol and the Jabberjays were eventually left to die.
  • Mockingjay - instead of dying the Jabberjays eventually mated with the mockingbirds and created these creatures. Instead of repeating sound like the Jabberjays, these birds repeat sounds and melodies. These birds are used by the farmers in District Eleven to signal the end of the day.
  • Mutated Dogs - during the Seventy-Forth Hunger Games these dogs had their eyes replaced with those of the dead tributes, making it feel like the Tributes were coming back to get them. These are the dogs that eventually mauled Cato.
  • Tracker jackers - enhanced hornets that track and destroy. In the best cases the poison will just make you delusional; in the worst cases, they could cause death.
  • Monkeys - introduced during the 75th Hunger Games, they were located in a part of the Clock Arena and viciously attacked the tributes if they came near. They are very agile, and their claws come out like switchblades. They use their claws and teeth to make lacerations and to eventually kill.

That's it for Hunger Games science!

Tune in tomorrow for another Hunger Games post.

I give full credit to this idea to Hunger Games Mockingjay Blog Tour District 8. I just went a little more indepth with the Mutated Dogs and the Tracker Jackers.


  1. Great list. I do love all the creatures in the book.

  2. Omgsh those muttations freaked me out.

  3. Nice list! I love the Mockingjays! Can't wait for the book.

  4. Nice, but don't forget Lady, the goat, and Buttercup, the cat. There were also candy-pink birds in the 50th Hunger Games (Mentioned in Catching Fire when Katniss and Peeta are watching Haymitch's games and Maysilee is killed) and the muttations in Mockingjay. I cannot wait for the movie coming out in 13 days, and I hope everyone who loves The Hunger Games comes! (I am sorry that I could not underline the book/movie name(s). Please forgive my grammatical error.)
    --Rue's biggest fan

  5. Nice list!!!!!! I'm the biggest fan of the Hunger Games!!!! I'm the next Effie Trinket :)... Dot forget about the monkey muttations too from Catching Fire (they attacked Katniss, Peeta, Finnick and Johanna.... I can't wait for when Catching Fire comes out in November of 2013!!!!!! The first movie was execellent but they messed up the part when Katniss gets the pin from Madge...they showed that Katniss got it from a woman in the Hob!!!!!!!!! Other than that great movie!!!!!!!


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