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Monday, July 19, 2010

The Body of Christopher Creed

Title: The Body of Christopher Creed
Author: Carol Plum-Ucci
Release date: In the year 2000
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Book Summary: Things don't have to be SANE when they're NORMAL.

Christopher Creed was a freakm a wierdo--the kind of kid who makes other people feel uncomfortable. But even more disconcerting was his disappearance. Was it murder? Suicide? Abduction? Or did Chris Creed just run away? He's simply gone without a trace, and nobody in his small hometown of Steepleton knows what to think.

The only apparent clue--a cryptic e-mail message written twenty-four hours before Chris turned up missing--draws sixteen-year-old-Torey Adames into the mystery and sets him on a path filled with terror and pain. Soon vicious accusations are flying around Steepleton, pinning friends against one another. And the truth just keeps getting more twisted. Will Torey ever find out what really happened to Chris Creed?

The first chapters were kind of slow, you know, the starting of the plot. As it continues it starts getting better. As Torey starts trying to think of what happened to Chris Creed. 
It's format is Torey's Word Document explaining what had happened after the fact that Christopher disappeared. He's already changed schools from Steepleton to Rothborne and it's the end of his Senior year. He knows a kid that acted exactly like Chris and that's when the story of what happened starts.
It's a thriller that keeps you on your toes and pointing fingers at some characters. 
The main questions you may be asking during your reading are: Where is the body of Chris Creed? Is he dead or is he alive somewhere? Did someone kill him or is it a suicide?
The only reason this book got only 4 stars out of five? The pace wasn't consistent the whole time (well, to me) it was slow-fast-slow-fast. Another thing, was the ending. I'm not going to tell what it is, but to me it just wasn't good. From what I expected to what I got, it just really disappointed me.

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