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Monday, July 19, 2010

Interview with Julie Kagawa

Here is an interview with Julie Kagawa author of the IRON KING and IRON DAUGHTER

1. How did you get the inspiration to create an Iron Realm with an Iron King?

I’ve always loved faeries, but when I started The Iron King, I wanted to write something that was a little different. So I started thinking, what are the fey afraid of? In myth and legends, the answer is iron. So, what if there were a type of faery that was immune to iron, and how would that affect the other fey? Then I remembered we already have ‘monsters’ in machines: gremlins and bugs and viruses and such. And from that thought, the Iron Fey were born.

2. How long did it take you to publish your first book IRON KING?

I wrote Iron King in a little under two months (thanks to NaNo Wrimo). When I was done, Harlequin Teen was just starting to look for new YA manuscripts, so my agent sent them my story and they bought it in just a few weeks.

3. How long did it take you to research the information for your book? (e.g. A Midsummer Night's Dream for Puck, Oberon, Mab, and Titania)

Not long. I actually researched as I wrote the book, mostly online. I already knew the Shakespeare play, and I had a good knowledge of faeries already, so it was mostly looking up new myths and making sure I knew what I was talking about. ☺

4. When did you actually start becoming serious about writing?

Around high school. I had decided I wanted to be an author, and had this ridiculous notion that I would write and get a book published before I went to collage. Ah, naiveté.

5. Do you have any tips about editing?

Don’t start editing until you’re finished with the first draft. Editing in the middle of writing the book means you’re going to be picking at it forever without getting any closer to the end. Just slop that first draft down on the page and clean it up later. ☺

6. Who would you say is your favorite to write about? Puck or Ash?

I would have to say Ash. (Sorry, Team Puck!) I’ve always had a soft spot for the cold, damaged Bad Boys who can wield pointy objects.

7. How did you think up Megan Chase to be half faery half mortal?

It seemed the right fit. Originally, she started out as full faery, but as the story progressed, it was obvious that making her part human was essential to the plot. She’s more relatable that way, and her being a half-blood actually plays a very important part at the very end.
Thanks so much for the interview!


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