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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tomorrow is Halloween!

Are you ready for the candy? The scaring? The dressing up? I am! Yes, I sound like I'm five with the dressing up thing, but come on it's fun.

Anyway, so trick-or-treating is probably my favorite part of Halloween. You get candy, you get to be someone who you want to be, and you get to walk around a neighborhood and talk to random people whom you don't know! (Yes, I've done that before, it's fun).

Then the scaring. I'm not usually the scarer, I'm the scaree and I hate it. I'm not good with "horror" so to speak. I'm more of a "let's turn down the volume and put captions" type of person. I write fantasy, no horror in there (unless you right a fantastical horror book that's scifi, then yes). When there is a house I know that someone will jump out at you and scare you I send my brother or my mother to get my candy for me. :DD

Enough about me hating horror, let's go to you guys. What's your favorite part of Halloween? Do you have a fond Halloween memory that's funny enough to share?

Put them in the comments. I would like to know. :D

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