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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Happy October!

This month is Hallows Eve, the time to be anything you want to be, to go around and eat candy, and scare people to death without getting in trouble!

This month of October I'm going to write Halloween related posts. Here is my list! As I post them this list will be updated with links and I will also have a sidebar widget.

  • October 19th: Introduction (this post)
  • October 20th: Halloween Horror Movies
  • October 21st: Monster Profile: Werewolves
  • October 22nd: History of Halloween
  • October 23rd: Halloween related books
  • October 24th: Monster Profile: Vampires (not the sparkling kind)
  • October 25th: How the Jack-o-lantern came to be
  • October 26th: Halloween short story
  • October 27th: Monster Profile: Witches
  • October 28th: Scary Stories
  • October 29th: Costume top 10
  • October 30th: Halloween is tomorrow!
  • October 31st: Happy Halloween!
It's a lot to look forward to! I actually can't wait to write them!


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