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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

It's finally here! The final day of the month and the scarefest day! In the Celtic religion tonight is the day where the boundry between the spirit world is the thinist!

How about for this post I write some of the things that have happened over the years during this date?

2009 United States: In my neighborhood a fuse box exploded burning a man who died a few weeks later.

2008 United States: Fears of a recession and higher unemployment pushes consumer spending in the US to fall in September by the biggest amount in four years.

1983 England: Women protesting the soon to arrive U.S. Nuclear Missiles at Greenham Common air base cut through the perimeter fence and daubed emulsion paint on the runway prior to being arrested. They were part of the Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp.

1956 Egypt: Following Egypt's decision to nationalize the Suez Canal Britain and France begin bombing Egypt to force the reopening of the Suez Canal 1941 United States: The Mt. Rushmore sculpture is completed after Gutzon Borglum and 400 stone masons sculpt the colossal 60-foot carvings of U.S. presidents, The project had started on October 4, 1927 to represent the first 150 years of American history. George Washington 1732–1799, Thomas Jefferson 1743–1826, Abraham Lincoln 1809–1865, Theodore Roosevelt 1858–1919.

1926 United States: Harry Houdini magician and escapologist dies of gangrene and peritonitis after his appendix ruptured.

So yeah, some stuff.

Have a great Halloween and make sure everything is ready for tomorrow (people that are awesomesauce know what I mean).


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