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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beautiful Creatures MOVIE Follow-Up

Why Richard LaGravense?

I was expecting so much from this movie. It was a very good book. I hadn't read something like it in a long time and I liked to read something fresh.

But why?

Why did you have to get sucked into the turmoil that was Percy Jackson?

I was really looking forward to watching it. Did you have book burnings on the set instead of actually reading the book? Honestly. Characters were missing, Larkin was supposed to be so much more important, Sarafine was supposed to leave Mrs. Lincoln's body

That leads me to the casting of the movie. I'm sorry, but Alden Ehrenreich does not look like a high school Junior. He looks like a college graduate. Even my brother leaned over and said, "He's a Junior?" Lena was casted all right, but I wish she would have done more with her character! There was so much that Lena Duchannes could have been and that wasn't shown in the movie.

Emmy Rossum was the only one who was close to her character, Ridley, and they still messed her up. How do you replace lollipops with strawberries? Are we trying to advocate eating right in movies now? Why?

They didn't even cast Ethan's dad and later on in the book he's important to why Lena gets into the whole deal with her mom at Greenbrier. Whywhywhy?

I just can't express how disappointed I was in this movie. Important parts, and characters were missing. . . Amma was not the bookkeeper in the Caster library/ the regular library. What happened to the Caster library only being opened on certain days at certain times? What happened to the scenes shown by Genevive's locket? What happened to the whole relationship between Link and Ridley? Why did Ethan forget about Lena? That never happens in the book! What happened to Ethan and Lena finding the locket together?

If you've read the book, avoid the movie. Please. Save yourself the heartbreak of watching it crash and burn. If you haven't read the book, pick it up and see for yourself that it actually is a great story.

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