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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hello again everyone! Have't posted duet some family issues over the weekend, but now I'm back! How are you guys doing? Ready for updates?

Alright, well, first off I just need to scream. *clears throat* Ahhhh! I finally reached eighty THOUSAND words!It feels so great to think that in only ten thousand more words I will have arched my goal (:

I promise I'm almost done with City of Bones then after that I can concentrate on Iron Queen and en City of Ash. My science teacher says City of Glass has a huge part in it. I'm excited to read it and find out. (: #plansforfuture

I wrote a small little short story thing that's like three paragraphs maybe a little more that I will post. I don't know. I might make a separate page just for my short story things. #thinks

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend and that all of you have a great week!


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