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Friday, August 2, 2013

City of Bones Cast Q&A and Meet and Greet!

On Wednesday (July 31) I was able to meet Jamie Campbell Bower, Lily Collins, and Kevin
Zegers from the City of Bones cast. They were the most down to earth actors ever. 

During the signing, Kevin Zegers, Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower greeted everyone with big smiles and were so happy to see us. 

Jamie Campbell Bower: "Thanks for waiting to see us. It's great to meet you." 
Lily Collins: "It's lovely to meet you." 
Kevin Zegers: "Hey, sweetie. How are you?"

They gave fans hand fives and honestly, treated them like if they were friends. I don't know why that shocks me, but it does. To me, it made them feel more like people I could relate to and not just stars that I see on the big screen. 

During the Q&A it was so much better; all three of them were completely shocked with how many people came out to see them and were standing in the heat just to hear them ask questions. They stood up and started taking pictures on their phones with the sheer volume of people that were standing there. Jamie even said that the fact that so many people were out there made him "super happy." 

They revealed many things about themselves and their characters:

Lily revealed that she read the books and wanted to be Clary; that when she heard it was being turned into a movie got on her email and emailed all sorts of people. She also revealed that she is very close to her mother and was happy to portray that closeness on screen. She said that when she watched the final screening of City of Bones that it was hard to tell when she was acting and when she was having fun because she enjoyed being there and working on the set so much.

Jamie cracked jokes the whole time during the Q&A about Justin Bieber being a poser and how he would really mess up lines during filming. He also revealed that his favorite part about being Jace was Jace's vulnerability. Jamie also revealed that at the end of ever movie, he keeps a momento from the movie; in this case, he had (and was wearing) the Morgenstern ring which he showed the audience (who, again, cheered wildly).

Kevin laughed along with Jamie and Lily and revealed that if he had to choose something other than being a Shadowhunter, he would want to be a warlock (which was followed by loud cheering from the audience). He also revealed that his favorite character other than Alec was Simon (although the audience was hoping to hear Magnus in that answer). 

They were having as much fun as we were. None of them expected a whole audience to go wild over the word "greenhouse" or over their answers and stories. I don't know, I guess it shocked me that they were as happy to see all of us as we were to see them. Seeing them really made me excited about The City of Bones and it also made me excited for the next one (which they frequently mentioned during the Q&A.)

If they do end up reading this, I just want to thank them for taking their time to come out to meet fans and say hello. It was absolutely brilliant.   

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