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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Love Triangle NO-NOS

Hello, hola, bonjour, buenos dias!

You know the one thing that irks me sometimes while I'm reading a book? Really bad love triangles. Those ones where the whole book plays out like this:

Girl Main Character: I love you Boy Main Character 1.

Boy MC1: I love you too GMC.

Boy MC2: I love her a lot more than you do.

BMC1: Oh yeah? You wanna fight for that?

BMC2: Let's go!

BMC1 and BMC2 begin to tussel while GMC is watching

GMC: I love BMC1 and BMC2 is my best friend. What is this sudden feeling? A LOVE FOR MY BEST FRIEND?!?! OH MY GOSH. WHICH DO I CHOSE?!?!?!??!?!

Me: . . . No.

There are better ways to present a love triangle without making it cheesy and annoying and your readers get to a point where they hate the main characters and want them to die. . . okay. That might have been a really strong word there. . . Want them to disappear. That's better.


Anyway, I can't believe I'm  going to say this. . .

Twilight had a pretty good love triangle. I'm not saying the books were amazing (because frankly, they're not the best), but the love triangle with Bella, Jacob, and Edward was presented decently. Why do I say that? Let's pick apart the love triangle!

The Girl

Bella wasn't completely annoying (other than the fact that the whole book she was asking Edward to bite her . . .) in the sense that she wasn't jumping back and forth between Edward and Jacob the whole time. She knew who she wanted to be with and she made that clear.

The Boys

More like a teenage wolf and a forty million year old vampire, but whatever! You get what I'm talking about.

Edward and Jacob weren't best friends to begin with. In fact, they were already enemies that wanted to rip each other's throats out so that helps with the love triangle. When Edward and Bella started dating, Jacob didn't come around all the time making the moves on Bella. It was only after he found the opportunity to snatch her from Edward did Jacob even try to do anything.

Jacob loves her enough that he doesn't sit around trying to steal her when Edward comes back. Yes, Jacob does get extremely pissed only because of what Edward put her through only to come around showing his face to the same girl he almost killed multiple times. . .

They also decide to work things out instead of having a feud for the rest of their lives that tears the poor girl apart. Again it doesn't work out like this:

BMC1: I don't want you around him anymore. He's not good for you, yada yada yada.

GMC: But I love him. He's my best friend, yada yada yada.

BMC2: Let her do what she wants. You don't control her life.

BMC1: You don't control her either. She can hang around me all she wants.

BMC1 and 2 begin to tussel while GMC watches


Inserts dramatic happening to GMC that makes BMC1 and BMC2 best friends forever and they live happily ever after.

Me: . . . No.

It wouldn't happen like that in real life!

Look at The Hunger Games.  That had an amazing love triangle. Katniss struggled between both, but Collins didn't make it sound annoying or make you want to through the book in a fire and watch it slowly burn because you can't handle the girl fretting over the boys.

Katniss did struggle, but it was a more realistic struggle between her best friend and the boy with the bread.

That's it.

There was jealousy, but never was there any random fighting between the two boys. The two boys were never even friends. There were no dramatic happenings that made them come together and sing Kumbaya. They were jealous of each other and they both hated the other. That never turned into anything physical. No confrontations. No problems.

I hope this helps the world become a better place when the horrible love triangles are written better and don't have whiny GMCs. That's all.

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