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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Socialpunk by Monica Leonelle Review

Title: Socialpunk
Author: Monica Leonelle
Release date: March 27th 2012
Rating: 5/5
Publisher: Spaulding House
Book Summary:

Ima would give anything to escape The Dome and learn what’s beyond its barriers, but the Chicago government has kept all its citizens on lockdown ever since the Scorched Years left most of the world a desert wasteland. When a mysterious group of hooded figures enters the city unexpectedly, Ima uncovers a plot to destroy The Dome and is given the choice between escaping to a new, dangerous city or staying behind and fighting a battle she can never win.


You would think that the future would be better than it is today. But for Ima, her "present day" is anything else but. Ima's Earth has become unlivable after the Scorched Years which forced the population of the world to live in domes. In this action packed novel the reader is thrusted into a world foreign yet intriguing!

Right from the prologue I was intrigued and sucked into the marvels that Socialpunk had to offer. I was enveloped by a futuristic world that piked my interest. Leonelle's characters came to life in front of me and her beautiful prose made the world appear in my mind perfectly. I know that if I had enough free time to just sit and read the book I would have finished it in a day; never having put it down until it was done!

The ending left me on the ultimate cliff hanger and I wish there was more after it, but that's what the next book is for right? Another 100+ pages of awesome?! Haha. Thankfully I can continue rooting for the person I'm roothing for through the next book. ;D

I can't wait to get my hands on the next two books Socialmob and Socialhood. I know both of these following books will be just as amazing as the first.

Thank you Monica for allowing me to read and review it! It's been amazing and I hope we can continue to keep in touch!


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