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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Author Interview: Laura Kreitzer on FORSAKEN HARBOR

Here I have Laura Kreitzerauthor of PHANTOM UNIVERSE! Here are some questions that I asked about her new novel FORSAKEN HARBOR!

1. Why did you decide to make the prologue in Julian's point of view?

Julian ended [i] Phantom Universe [/i], so I felt it was necessary for him to start Forsaken Harbor. Also, his story will unfold in this second book, and you’ll see many chapters in his point of view. He becomes a new person in Summer’s life, and her reactions to his introduction show her growth from the silent girl on the Cosmos to who she is now.

2. If you could describe Gage in one word what would it be? Summer? Why?

Gage: integrity, because he is honest and has valor when it comes to Summer and those he cares for. He tries to do what’s right even when others criticize him for it.

Summer: courageous, because in the face of all that she’s been through, she’s come out stronger and overcome many of the issues she’s faced with her PTSD.

3. Why did you choose to add the "Recording"? Is this super important to the book that your readers should keep it in the back of their mind while they're reading?

I added the recordings because they are vital and important to the novel. Readers will find out their meaning and significance at the end. They’ll have to read to find out.

4. Who would you say is the organization, the Society? A group of evil scientists trying to take over, or something more?

The Secret Clock Society is a group of scientists who have been creating and experimenting on projects for years, all in the hopes of one day traveling time and creating their own world sans government influence and interference. The Society doesn’t want to take over, exactly, they want Summer to travel forward in time to steal technology of the future, then send them back in the past to start their own civilization with their other creations. Would I call them mad scientists? Yes.

5. What made you decide to set a book in this futuristic world?

To be honest, I wanted a time traveler (Summer), but I didn’t want to do the research into historical aspects of earlier time periods. Actually, I enjoy creating my own worlds like the one with the Canadian Federation, including the technology of the future.

Thanks for having me on your blog!

Laura Kreitzer
This book was so amazing. I can't wait to read more by Laura Kreitzer! I'm glad I was included in this tour! :D


Thanks for the commment! I really appreciate them!

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