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Sunday, April 3, 2011


Haha, so I'm currently reading a manga called Dengeki Daisy.

I absolutely love it!

Well for people who don't know what I'm talking about manga is comic in Japanese. It's read from right to left.

Manga is basically a book so I will be talking about it thank you very much.

Dengeki Daisy is basically about this girl named Kurebayashi Teru. Her brother passed away when she was younger, but before he passed away he left her with a phone that can help her contact a guy named "Daisy." "Daisy" is supposed to replace him and help her brother after he passes away to take care of Teru.

Since that day she has been mailing "Daisy" about little things here and there at school.

She's never met "Daisy" in her life, though she trusts him dearly because, well, her brother trusts him.

She does meet him, though she doesn't know it's him. At least not at first.

I don't want to tell you TOO much information about it so if you're curious check it out. :P

I will say one thing: my favorite catch phrase from Kurebayashi Teru is; "Go bald, Kurosaki!"


I will disappear now!



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