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Friday, November 26, 2010

Zan-Gah: A Prehistoric Adventure

Title: Zan-Gah: A Prehistoric Adventure
Author: Allan Richard Shickman
Release date: 2007 (Second Printing: 2010)
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: EarthShaker Books
Book Summary: Zah-Gah: A prehistoric adventure has only begun. Pressed by love for his brother and a bad conscience, the hero undertakes a quest which leads to captivity, conflict, love, and triumph. In three years, Zan-Gah passes from an uncertain boyhood to a tried and proven manhood and role of leadership among his people. This dramatic and impassioned story will thrill and deeply move young adults and older readers. They will dream of Zan-Gah at night, and remember it all their lives.

This book is a signed copy sent to me by EarthShaker Books to read and review. It's about a boy anxious to be a man. He's ready to grow up and be part of the men in his tribe, so he goes on a Lion hunt. His world changes the minute him and the lioness meet eyes. The Lioness pounces Zan and in a second he killed the lion. He got scars on his arms. The head of the north tribes Aniah gave him the name Zan-Gah as honor. From then on he thinks himself as a man and so do the rest of his people. He then decides to go find his twin brother. Then the story begins.

Zan-Gah: A prehistoric adventure was pretty good. It took me a minute to realize the whole story was in a third-person point of view, because the first paragraphs don't really show you, they're like introductory paragraphs. Like...I don't know how'd you'd explain it, but it's kind of like that.

The story over all had a good plot. It was strong and it showed how the character changed and grew up while looking for his twin brother, Dael. I liked the fact that Zan-Gah needed to pass many trials before he was able to keep moving.

Chapter 9 I thought was a little unneccessary. It talks about his uncle and his uncle's backstory. That chapter doesn't really fit in the section that it's in. Maybe if Chapter 9 was Chapter 2 it wouldn't have been awkward. But it goes from Zan-Gah finding "a big lake" that's full of salt water and passing out to the chapter that talks about his uncle. Maybe for some other people it fits, but to me it felt like an akward transition.

I like what happened with Dael and Lissa-Na in the end. It was so sweet I just couldn't help, but smile in the end.

Overall: Good story. Good plot. I probably would read it again.

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