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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Post in Which I Talk About Nothing


Yes, I know, I haven't posted. I've been working on my story. (: And because I've been so dedicated in the last few days I finally reached the half-way point to 50K words! *crowd cheers in background* I know exciting right? Another goal reached, I reached the one-quater goal to 100K. *crickets* Thanks for the support...

So I'm currently reading Immortal Beloved. Little, Brown was nice enough to consider and send it to me. The post should be up soon, though I don't know when I'll finish it (Story stuff. LiveJournal stuff. Giveaway stuff, school etc.). But, I will finish as soon as possible.

Speaking of school I have History Homework I need to do... *coughs* You didn't hear that..

I'm about to finish writing up my playlist for my book and WHEN I DO I will post it up here so all you wonderful blog readers (and contest enterers) *cough* can listen to it. (: I have no shame.

I will talk to all of you soon!


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  1. Good luck on getting everything done and congrats on hitting your word count goal! That's awesome and keep on keeping on!


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