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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games written by Suzanne Collins publisher Scholastic

This book in my opinion is the best action/ romance story of the century! This book is absolutely amazing.

It takes place in a fictional North America where there are 13 12 districts. After a huge uprising these districts were forced to send in 2 tributes into the Hunger Games, a fight to the death where only one person can be left standing.

On reaping day Katniss and her friend Gale are just hanging out after hunting like they usually do. Then Katniss Everdeen's life changes when her sister, Primrose (also known as Prim xD), gets picked for these games. She volunteers to take her place as the tribute. Her and -the wonderful- Peeta Mellark are sent to these Hunger Games.

As the story goes on Peeta says that he is in love with Katniss which starts some inner conflict for her.

Then the Hunger Games begin.


Ok, so I am Team Peeta there is no changing my mind about that. (Sorry for all you Gale fans) Peeta is absolutely amazing in every way. He bakes bread and frosts cookies and cakes. He's the perfect person to just talk to about anything and he will support you.

Sure, Peeta can't fight...much... but at least he knows how to use a knife, maybe it's because he's the baker's son and sometimes he needs to use a knife to cut something *shrugs* who knows. I admit he's not like Gale in that sense, Gale is the one who hunts and the one who knows how to set up snares to catch something.

Peeta, on the other hand, has never needed to use any of that because he has the burnt and stale bread that his father bakes to eat, while, Gale -and Katniss for that matter- have needed to know how to hunt to survive. So, this gives Gale the upper hand when it comes to hunting and fighting. It's not easy to learn how to be swift, silent and how to shoot an animal right in the eye in order not to damage the carcass. It's not meant to be learned in one day, it's meant to be learned over SEVERAL YEARS. As Harmony says "It's not like he could stab someone in the eye while spinning around in the air and doing a roundhouse kick."

Peeta is definitely not weak though. He can paint his skin to camouflage into the scenery. After all, that's what he did to keep himself alive when Cato cut his leg, right? Given that he was able to keep himself alive without even having to worry much about fighting while he was injured.

Peeta is also very convincing. He may persuade a crowd of people that blue is purple and purple is blue when everyone clearly knows it's the other way around. He can even tell you your name is Bob when your name is Williamina (don't ask one of my friends named her pig that, Harmony would know who I was talking about xD). SPOILER FOR CATCHING FIRE He persuaded everyone that Katniss was pregnant when in reality she's never even had a boyfriend (well except for Peeta) SPOILER OVER

Anyway, I'm not saying Gale is a bad guy, he isn't really, I'm just saying in my opinion that Peeta is better. Well, if you think about it, Gale had his chance before the Hunger Games to tell Katniss that he had feelings for her. It's his loss that he didn't say anything to her before the whole Katniss-Peeta thing happened. Then no one should blame Katniss for slowly falling in love with Peeta at all. Peeta is just the lovable guy that makes anyone fall in love with him easily.


Think about it the next time you read Hunger Games or if you read this before you've read the book go to your local bookstore and pick it up to read it! Shame on you for not paying attention to the spoiler warning!

Sorry, I'm done...almost... You should really pay attention to that, I could have told you the whole freaking ending and you wouldn't have wanted to read the book.

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