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Friday, March 11, 2011

Pray for Japan

This morning I walk into my second period to see one of my friends (whom I call my Sensei because she teaches me Japanese) super sad. She tells me that Japan had just experienced a Quake and Tsunami.

I about died.

I love Japan and I love the people in it. I couldn't believe such a devastating thing happened to them. Eight-point-nine on the Richer Scale. You know what that is? It is VERY high. Then to top it off, the tsunami hits ten minutes later with no warning.

The death toll is in the thousands and thankfully I don't think it'll pass one thousand, but we never know.

I'm now praying for the families who've lost a loved one and who are now suffering due to the what has happened.

First Haiti,

Then Chile,

Then Japan,

California is definitely next.

Did you see how bad it was that in the MIDDLE OF THE PACIFIC OCEAN there was a WHIRLPOOL. I mean come on. In the middle of the Pacific? That is some intense stuff. The footage keeps playing on and on in my head.

Then to top off their bad news, that nuclear power plant is going to have a meltdown if it doesn't cool down soon. They've evacutated thousands of miles in radius of the area and they're slowly increasing that evacuation area. They're releasing radio active GASES into the atmosphere in order to think of any possible way to cool it down.

Just like in Haiti I feel absolutely helpless to the fact that I can't really do anything to stop this from becoming worse. Though, unlike Haiti, the people of Japan are well prepared for these sorts of things, their buildings withstood the earthquake, but unfortunately not all survived the tsunami. Another thing is, Japan will be able to rebuild itself from scratch, which is something Haiti wasn't able to do without the help of the United States and other countries.

More information on Japan is to come. I wait anxiously hoping and praying that things in Japan will stabalize for them. This isn't something I see everyday. You can see it in their faces in the videos taken by people that at first they thought it was something normal, a small quake that will pass just like the rest.

It wasn't. And they knew it even before the sirens went off that it was more than just an earthquake.

I'm currently watching the Japanese broadcast;

So far 430 people are confirmed dead and 200 are believed to be.

8000 Japanese troops are being sent to aid the earthquake-hit areas.

Please help pray for them as we prayed for Haiti!


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